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Degen Haus
2 min readJan 13, 2022


We’re building a dex 📈, NFT marketplace 🎨, game site 🎮. We’re drug themed 🚬. Proper degen stuff.

* Website 🌐: (note: the dApp is not yet ready)

* Contract address 🏡: 0x9F3c6e1bD483cd977DF9B36734E1cD684f1Be621

There will be 3 tokens ($DOPE, $TRIPS, $BLOW).

One of the most interesting things worth knowing right now is that there are regular “parties” 🥳multiple times a day. To take part in a party, all you need to do is to be there at the right time and right place. Each party has a different theme where you’ll be asked to do something fun, or, generally, just talk shit — for free $DOPE.

And don’t forget: puff, puff, pass!


Other useful information if you’re a n00b

If you’re new to the Fantom network, here’s how you can set yourself up:

* Get the MetaMask extension for your Browser or the app for your mobile device

* Set it up for Fantom like this:

* Make your MetaMask wallet recognize the DOPE token

- Go to

- Click on any token in the swap section

- Paste DOPE’s contract address (0x9F3c6e1bD483cd977DF9B36734E1cD684f1Be621) there

- Add the “+” next to DOPE

* Now you’re all set up!

If you’re on BSC, one way to buy DOPE is:

* Buy BNB in Binance

* Withdraw to your wallet (e.g., MetaMask)

* Swap to USDC on PancakeSwap

* Bridge USDC from BSC to Fantom using

* Once on Fantom, swap USDC/FTM to DOPE using (DOPE contract address is 0x9F3c6e1bD483cd977DF9B36734E1cD684f1Be621). Set slippage to 5.5%. Make sure you have enough FTM in your wallet for gas.

Peace ✌️!



Degen Haus

Remember when Crypto was only used for nefarious reasons and that to own it was almost like a vice in itself. DegenHaus has brought back the grime and style